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What’s the best defense our youth have against the pressures, temptations and challenges they face?    Each Other. . .

Stay Stirred Up provides aspirational alternatives to behavior that leads to addiction and incarceration.

By changing the way the youth think about themselves and others through positive relationships within peer groups and the greater community, a better future is possible. Through speaking engagements and social media outlets, Stay Stirred Up will provide a platform for participants to discover, cultivate and share their passions and talents with their peers. This will foster an environment where positive peer pressure can be utilized to create healthy relationships.

Through creative storytelling and unique spoken word style, Sean encourages youth to discover their talents, seek guidance and support in cultivating those talents, and connect and motivate their peers to value the same. Focusing on the importance of positive connections, this program aims to leave youth feeling encouraged and empowered.

Statz also speaks at churches, schools and other venues on alternative topics by request.

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The bio of Sean Statz

While he served his sentence, Statz became determined to better himself. He used his time self-educating, absorbing the wisdom of every book he could get his hands on. But one book stood out. When Statz first discovered the Holy Bible he questioned its authenticity, he struggled over its message, and he felt a deep inner turmoil about its purpose. Ultimately, after researching and striving for a deeper understanding of the scripture, Statz realized that the Bible was the most intellectually-engaging and life-shaping text he had ever read. This realization helped time move faster as Statz accepted that his life might serve some higher purpose than he had known.

After the first few years of his sentence had passed, Statz was able to gain access to a keyboard in prison. Now, he sat at his instrument with a different purpose, he had become an instrument himself:  an instrument of God’s will. Statz began writing lyrics and composing beats, but this time, he found himself writing of a higher message. This new music was the foundation of Statz’s mission to develop a ministry on the inside. Fellow inmate Cedric Dean worked with Statz to develop and teach character building seminars which worked alongside Statz’s teaching of the scripture.

Nine years, three months, and seven days after he entered prison, Statz was released in October of 2016. Now his mission extends beyond the population of prisons as he works to teach youth the truth about lifestyles other rappers glorify, eradicate the addictions he once fostered, and to show each person he meets why we really need Jesus.